Reflective hearts decorations on the UCH Cancer Centre Christmas Tree

Below are some of the messages that have been written on the reflective hearts in previous years.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Boyce Lucas

Thank you for just being there

Collin Brown

Many thanks to all the staff in radiotherapy

Sorrell Family

To Dad, Clive Sorrell who died of cancer in 2013 lots of love, Alison, Tigger, Biscuit, Victoria & David

Douglas Clark

In memory of my wife Valerie who passed away 03/08/2014

Wishing everyone a very happy & healthy Christmas & New Year 2015

Michael Bach

Merry Winter solstice, May your Yule log burn bright

Deirdre Amsden

With continuing gratitude to UCH

Mazmil Dhilam

May this year and the rest of the years bring all the patients good health and happiness

Cheryl Bruce

To Graham, Zoe & Annette I could not have got through without you all

G W Simons

Thanks to all the staff at UCH Merry Xmas

Michael Deller

A very hearty thank you to all the wonderful staff at the UCH Cancer Centre

John Trebble

My sincere thanks to all staff and nurses for looking after me so well

J A Brookes

With gratitude and best wishes for Christmas and 2015 to all at UCH


Have a sparkling Christmas

Pauline Chalkley

A Big Thank you for all you have done for me

John Craddock

Merry Christmas and thanks for everything

Andreas Stylionou

With my grateful thanks to all the staff at UCL Hospitals

I miss you Chippy

Thank you all so much, Happy Christmas! Xx

Paca que mi familia nunca pase port esto dias protegelos

Thank you to yoga Bridget who keeps me moving

The bad news- you get cancer…….. The good news- you're sent to UCLH

Nurses were very kind & patient with me when having radiotherapy also very kind to my husband when in the main hospital

Merry Christmas and thank you to all the wonderful people at UCH

Thank you for all your help with my transplant for Myeloma

Thank you for all your help

Life is for living! Thank you for helping me live it x

UCLH don’t go breaking hearts UCLH mend hearts, right here

Happy Christmas to all the UCH radiotherapy team making a difference every day of the year

Thank you

Thank you UCH especially the clinical research facility staff

Stay strong you can beat it

Thank you for all the treatment and kindness shown to Brian during his successful treatment 4 years ago

John Arundell

Thank you UCH for all you have done for me

Margaret Ayanowo

I wish you all a merry xmas all gods blessings and prosperous 2015

Kiratsinhji Jethwa

wish you all a very happy Christmas

Victoria Reed

So more people can be as lucky as i was

Helen Whitecross

Thank you UCH for caring so well for my darling husband Peter for the 14 years. We will have a happy xmas 2014 Thank you xx


In memory of Stephen Gottlieb

Jim and Ginger

Thank you for the amazing treatment - I'm cured

Carole Taylor

very happy Christmas from George Taylor we will always remember the wonderful care you gave to George in 2011

Mr A Rawal

Merry Christmas Julie x x x

Norma Jacobs

In memory of Geoff jacobs who received amazing care from UCLH & worked tirelessly with Prostate Cancer UK to promote awareness passed away 7/11/14

Patricia Kirkland

Wishing all the staff and patients a happy xmas and good health in 2015, with grateful thanks for your good care

Sylvia Macmurdie

Hope you will all get better

Chris Seater

Tough time- still going, merry xmas

Radical prostatectomy Feb. 2012 radiotherapy nov 2012 Many Thanks

Shelia Haywood

God bless all the kind caring staff at uch good luck to them all

Ekumne family

We would like to thank the uch staff for all the help and support that they have provided our mum during this difficult time

B Tarran

Thank you for all the great work

Mr E Kamyb

you are all amazing people i will never ever forget all the things you've done for me

Mr M Hassall

A Christmas Gift, a cure for cancer and UCH will find there answer

Barbara Latham

Happy Christmas to everyone at the cancer centre thank you for all your love and support this past year

Doreen Daniel

Wish you all well in 2015

D Weir

well done and many thanks for the healing and expertise that goes on behind the scenes to make life better for the many patients

PJ Leamy

God bless all

Sarah Rolling

Peaceful Christmas to all

Catherine Supple

A big thank you to all the staff for their kindness, help and support throughout my treatment

Owen Garnish

Thank you for looking after my husband

Mary Renouf

Many thanks for all the treatment and kindness I have received at the UCH Cancer Centre

Arnold Lebor

With my thanks for the wonderful attention given by Dr and his team

Penny Young

In May 2011 I was in shock after being told I had myeloma. I thought my life was over. I was then referred to UCH for treatment. I am still enjoying life today thanks to these wonderful people


I will miss you, my thoughts love and prayers are always with you

Lucinda Thornton

Merry Christmas to all love from the Thornton family

Elaine Roberts

Travel a long way with strength and support still have a long way to go


Thanks to all at UCH support and care I received was truly amazing

Paul Mennell

To all the doctors nurses and staff at uch

Diane McSweeney

A much loved husband dad and granddad we miss you more each day


Thanks for taking away the fear and making me laugh

I love you and never forget your support affection and everything you are doing for me

Amy & Anne

To our friend Olivia wishing you a merry Christmas and a speedy recovery

Mrs R Dallara

Thank you to UCH for the great care

Dionne Jones

My wish is for a cure for all of us Love Dionne

Wendy Boulding

Happy Christmas to Dr D'Sa and PIC team and everyone at UCH Love from Wendy Boulding

Graham Mitchell

A huge thank you to all the very caring staff at UCH

Sylvia Whitehead

Thank you all so much for your care and kindness, Sylvia Whitehead

My Christmas message comes with all my love that I wish share with all of you

Ron Garner

Merry xmas to everybody at the UCH thank you for your help and support during a difficult time Ron Garner

Elizabeth Edgar

Wonderful work wonderful place and beautiful place all very special love Elizabeth

Looking forward to a future of health and happiness made possible by supportive, caring staff and amazing facilities! Thank you

L Cheddy

For all the staff at UCH for helping

Merry Christmas

Thank you

Michael Schwar

Thank you, heather Payne, roger Kirby wymam Lloyd Davis & Paul simplain

Mrs I meads

Thank you all for your wonderful help have a merry Christmas and happy new year

Bobbie Andrew

Merry Christmas to my fellow cancer suffers and wish you lots of luck on your journey

Thank you for all your hard work and making me comfortable at UCH

Rosie Deamer

In memory of auntie Nell and Uncle Bill, love you!

Kiray Jetham

wishing you all a very merry Christmas

Bakey and Lynn

Have a wonderful xmas and may you find peace and happiness

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