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Bringing the UCH Cancer Fund to my local community


A huge thank you to David Krassenberg for raising over £500 for the UCH Cancer Fund through collection tins.
“I help to raise a bit of money for the UCH Cancer Fund to give back to the people that helped me through my operation and supported me afterwards. I put out collection tins in my local town in Dunstable where I have pubs and shops collecting for me, there are eight tins out there at the moment.
I just happened to pop into one of the shops and offered them a collection tin, and said I would make sure it was collected on a regular basis, and the man in there said “You know what? I’ve been waiting for someone like you to walk into my shop. That’s brilliant!”
I check the tins regularly and take the money out, count it, bank it and then transfer that amount of money to the UCH Cancer Fund via online banking.
I chose UCH because it is a fantastic hospital. The whole treatment process was fantastic because there was no waiting around and there’s always someone to contact if you are not sure of something. It’s been a great support to me, I honestly can’t fault the care at all. Personally, I wanted to give something back to all the staff who have given me great support and help throughout my care.”

David Krassenburg

If you would like to have one of our collection tins to put in a local shop, please contact Laura Dowling at or 020 3447 1885