Your stories

My sarcoma tumour scare and recovery

“When in early 2012 I noticed a small lump under the skin of my left thigh, I did not think too much about it. In July 2012 it started to become painful, so I got a GP to take a look. In another three weeks, it was so painful, I could not get my left leg off the bed without getting my right foot under my left heel and swinging the leg out! My wife got another GP out to me, who stated not her field of expertise, so would get me an appointment at the hospital for some tests. Several MRIs taken Sept-Oct 2012, followed by a core needle biopsy on 24th October 2012, which gave a diagnosis of a spindle cell sarcoma, left thigh, grade 2. On 20th November 2012 an operation was performed for total excision of rectus muscle, left thigh (one of four quadriceps responsible for knee flexion) and I cannot praise the surgical team and nurses too highly for the care I have received. I was discharged from the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore on 18th December 2012, in time to enjoy Christmas with the family. Following surgery, I had six weeks of radiotherapy at UCH, to which I also extend my gratitude for the care received there.

Ben Nevis – a challenge and a new found confidence!

To my family: “I’ve been up Snowdon three times, always wanted to climb Ben Nevis, will do a sponsored trek up there and raise some money for the UCH Cancer Fund!” My daughter replied (obviously because she loves her Dad) – “but Dad! are 72 years old!” I replied: “no Jen, I’m 72 years young!”

I owe so much to my friend Neil Wingrove (he does the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme with the kids at his school) who has put me through my paces, with a training programme of 8 -12 mile hikes around the Surrey hills!

On 10th August 2014, Neil and I began our trek up Ben Nevis at 9:00am, arriving at the summit (4,406 ft) at 1:30pm (4½ hours) and took 3½ hours to get back down. Sunshine for an hour or so, then the clouds opened, down came the rain, followed by a heavy mist, which got more dense as we approached the summit. To see a snow covered plateau (just below the summit) in August was amazing!

Our sponsorship for the UCH Cancer Fund

As well as our friends and acquaintances, we would like to sincerely thank the companies that sponsored us and the West Byfleet branch of Waitrose for their super hamper. The funding for the UCH Cancer Fund amounted to £2,823.”

John Trebble