Your donations are making a real impact to lives of staff and patients at UCH. Here are just four examples of how you are making a difference:

Support and information Service

Donations to the UCH Cancer Fund are helping to fund the Support and Information Service. The Service provides emotional support, information and practical advice - from welfare and benefit advice to complementary therapy.

Vikky Riley, Clinical Nurse Specialist for the Service, said: "Giving people the space and time to process, reflect and begin to make sense of what they are experiencing with support from our team, empowers people to recognise their own strengths and resilience so they can face the challenges ahead. Thank you for supporting us."

Funding of a new ultrasound machine

With your support, we were able to part fund a new ultrasound machine which will be used by specialist nurses inserting intravenous lines for adult and teenage patients

Clinical Nurse Specialist, Selena Sandeluss, said: “We are very grateful to be able to buy this equipment which will really help the team keep on improving the service to patients over the coming years. We are all extremely excited about using this new state-ofthe-art machine. It will make a huge difference to us when inserting the lines as it produces high-quality images to aid insertion and is also portable so we can easily transport it with us when going to different clinical areas for insertions."

Chemotherapy Chairs for teenagers and young adults

With support from The Honourable Fraternity of Lady Freemasons, we were able to purchase four chemotherapy chairs for the Teenage and Young Adult unit in the Cancer Centre. Ward Sister, Laura Brown, said: “We chose these chairs as we wanted to create a more homely, comfortable, quiet area on the unit where patients receiving chemotherapy for a longer period of time could receive their treatment.”

Supporting our staff development

Donations to the UCH Cancer Fund are helping to fund psychological support services. Dr Sahil Suleman Principal Clinical Psychologist has been supported by the UCH Cancer Fund to attend a course on 'Systemic Approaches to Working with Individuals, Families and Organisations'. Sahill said " I can already see how the systemic knowledge I have acquired is filtering into the breadth of psychological support that I am now able to provide to patients and their families at UCH and to ensure sufficient consideration is given to the interpersonal challenges that diagnosis and treatment of cancer can bring about. Furthermore, the principles from the course have been hugely influential in the support, training, supervision and consultation provided to colleagues, allowing for a broader perspective on how patient and organisational systems can work well together and how improvement can be facilitated where these relationships become stuck.”