Your Stories

We are grateful to everyone who supports the UCH Cancer Fund. Here are the stories of some of the people who have fundraised for us.

Meet our youngest fundraiser


“Hi there, my name is Rudi Mae Harrison, I am nine years old and I would like to tell you my story.

Last year, on the 6th of September, I was a bridesmaid to my cousin, Alexis. The following week, when she should have been packing to go on her honeymoon, she was diagnosed with leukaemia, was rushed to UCH and immediately started a five month course of chemotherapy. I wasn’t allowed to visit her in hospital, as she had no immune system, but when I saw a picture of her, she was wearing a scarf around her head because she had lost all her hair. I had heard of a charity that makes wigs for children with cancer from hair donations, so I asked my mum if I sent them my hair, would they be able to make a wig for Alexis? My mum explained that this would not be possible, but was a lovely thing to do and would certainly help someone, so we booked an appointment at the hairdressers for the following week.

Unfortunately, my mum and dad then told me the bad news that my uncle Paul had been diagnosed with cancer too. He had a tumor in the oesophagus. He would need three months chemotherapy and would then need a big operation at UCH to remove the cancer. I decided that I would tell everyone about having my hair cut off and would ask my family and school friends if they would like to sponsor me, then any money raised, I would donate to UCH who were looking after my cousin and now my uncle.

On the 11th of November 2014, I had eight inches of my hair cut off. My hair was sent off to be treated and used to make a child’s wig and the money I raised was donated to UCH. Including gift aid, I raised over £1,700 and it turns out I was the youngest fundraiser for the UCH Cancer Fund last year. In February, I was invited to the official launch of the Fund where I met lots of people and was treated like a bit of a celebrity!

It was my cousin’s birthday recently and her arm was ‘needle free’ for the first time in nearly six months as she had just finished her chemotherapy treatment. On the 2nd of January, following all his chemotherapy, my uncle Paul had a 10 hour operation at UCH to remove the cancer tumor. He had part of his stomach removed and used to make a completely new oesophagus. He is now trying to eat normally again and is making slow but steady progress.

UCH has been such a big part of their lives for many months, so it’s nice to be able to have done something to say ‘thank you’ for looking after these two very special people, along with the many others they look after every day. I hope people will read my story and decide to fundraise for the UCH Cancer fund too.”